What's next?

There are many brilliant, creative, and skilled people who are invested in doing whatever is needed to prevent runaway global warming. The Climate Truth campaign would provide the focus and goals to unleash those energies to create compelling, informative, and persuasive ads and a website that details the actions that individuals and communities could take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and start drawing-down what is already in the atmosphere.

The Climate Truth campaign, as described here, is obviously a “big picture” solution. This is appropriate because no problem has ever been bigger. I am convinced that it could work – but only if it is done well. I do not believe half-measures will be effective.

While the funds and resources that would be needed to mount this campaign are significant, they are minuscule compared with the costs of global catastrophe.

Clearly this moon-shot requires that those with power, influence, and financial resources agree to take it on. If you think this idea has merit, please see that it gets shared, posted, discussed, challenged, and improved. And maybe, just maybe, it will capture the attention of those who can, in the words of Jean-Luc Picard, Make-It-So.

What can I do now?