Get Involved

Some things you can do right now

Contact your Member of Congress

Here is a comprehensive list of contact information for Government Officials.

Get involved in your local Government

Remember the saying “Think Globally, Act Locally?” This is truer than ever. There are many ways to get involved with your local government and community. Here are FIVE to get you started:

  1. Vote
  2. Become a Poll Worker
  3. Attend Meetings
  4. Serve on a Committee or Run For Office
  5. Call your City Officials

Make Lifestyle Changes - Go Green(er)

Green your life. Small steps by a lot of us WILL make a difference. Here are a few resources:

Planet Vision. This website has well organized pdf Action Guide that can be downloaded.

Other websites with suggestions for personal actions

Green America: This organization that provides information about living, shopping and doing business with an environmental focus.

Environment Magazine

Building Green

Soil & Forest Management

Eating & Health

Home & Office

You can find more useful information on the Resources page.

The Change starts with Us. We have to start now.